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Editorial Pricing Structure (all prices in pounds Sterling)

completion timeMS lengthFull critiqueDevelopmental CritiquePrécis service (line-editing)Proof-reading
3 weeks     
 15-30k words554288328210
 30-50k words607300375240
 50-70k words653315410268
 70-100k words698325450296
 per 10k over 100k43352723
5 weeks     
 15-30k words468253268167
 30-50k words524265318202
 50-70k words571277358230
 70-100k words618289398258
 per 10k over 100k41332521
7 weeks     
 15-30k words389215218135
 30-50k words448230268167
 50-70k words483237300188
 70-100k words530251338215
 per 10k over 100k36292319

The "full critique" comprises the developmental critique and a copy-edit of the manuscript

I'm open to discussion on the following: 
  • a longer turnaround at a lower rate.
  • retainer fees on bundles of short stories or novellas
  • split payments across up to three instalments