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​​Editorial Pricing Structure (all prices in pounds Sterling)

Bowler Fern charges - Manuscript editorial fees
turnaroundMS lengthFull critiquePrécis serviceProof-reading
3 weeks   
 15-30k words295228160
 30-50k words355275190
 50-70k words405310218
 70-100k words455350246
 per 10k over 100k322420
5 weeks   
 15-30k words220168117
 30-50k words283218152
 50-70k words335258180
 70-100k words387298208
 per 10k over 100k302218
7 weeks   
 15-30k words15311885
 30-50k words218168117
 50-70k words257200138
 70-100k words309238165
 per 10k over 100k262016

​I'm open to discussion on alternative packages such as a longer turnaround
​at a lower rate. I'm also happy to operate with 'retainer fees' for short story bundles.

​​Bowler Fern is happy to help authors spread costs across 2-5 payments.