Pricing Structure

TurnaroundMS lengthFull critique (editorial assessment & line-editing)Editorial assessment line-editingProof-reading
5 weeks
up to 30k words£525.00£237.00£327.50£210.00
30-50k words£584.00£249.00£375.00£240.00
50-70k words£635.00£265.00£410.00£268.40
70-100k words£685.00£275.00£450.00£295.70
per 10k over 100k£35.00£27.00£23.00
7 weeks
up to 30k words£428.00£200.00£267.50£167.25
30-50k words£493.00£215.00£317.50£202.25
50-70k words£545.00£227.00£357.50£230.25
70-100k words£598.00£240.00£397.50£258.25
per 10k over 100k£33.00£25.00£21.00
9 weeks
up to 30k words£353.00£175.00£217.50£135
30-50k words£420.00£190.00£267.50£167.25
50-70k words£470.00£210.00£300.00£188.25
70-100k words£538.00£240.00£337.50£215.00
per 10k over 100k£29.00£23.00£19.00

We’re happy to discuss different forms of working arrangements, such as discounting a price for a longer turnaround during exceptionally busy periods, payment in two instalments, or retainer fees for short story bundles.

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