Pricing Structure

TurnaroundMS lengthFull critique (editorial assessment & line-editing)Editorial assessment line-editing
8 weeksup to 30k words£553.00277.00£337.00
30-50k words£606.00£289.00£385.00
50-70k words£652.00£305.00£420.00
70-100k words£697.00£315.00£460.00
per 10k over 100k£27.00£35.00
10 weeksup to 30k words£465.00£240.00£277.00
30-50k words£525.00£255.00£327.00
50-70k words£571.00£267.00£367.00
70-100k words£618.00£280.00£407.00
per 10k over 100k£25.00£33.00
12 weeksup to 30k words£398.00£215.00£227.50
30-50k words£456.00£230.00£277.00
50-70k words£504.00£250.00£310.00
70-100k words£564.00£280.00£347.00
per 10k over 100k£23.00£29.00

If you choose to carry out the recommendations from an editorial assessment before providing the amended manuscript for a line edit, then the ‘stopped clock’ process comes into play. For example, you’ve paid for a full critique with a six-week turnaround. We will aim to return your critique to you within 2-3 weeks, and then stop the clock. The clock restarts when you hand your revised manuscript back for the line edit. It is entirely up to you to decide how fast you want to work on the revisions in the interim. Just keep me posted on your progress so that we can plan a slot in the calendar for part 2 of the process.

We can provide a critique and line edit within each turnaround time in a single package. However, you’re more likely to get better value for money from the two-stage process as we will be line-editing your manuscript while it is in a more final structure and form.

Proofing is carried out at £0.0025p per word. For example, a proof on a 75k manuscript will cost £187.50. I will turn these around on a 7-10 day basis, but I do need at least 2 weeks’ notice to arrange my calendar accordingly.

Those who’ve already invested in the editorial assessment or line editing services from BF Editorial will get 10% off the proofing price.

We’re happy to discuss different forms of working arrangements, such as further discounting the price in exchange for a longer turnaround time, or payment in two instalments. The initial payment will always be a minimum of £340.

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