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​Sample Service

We provide a sampling service which includes:

  • a critique of your first chapter (up to 10,000 words);
  • a line-edit of your first 5,000 words; and
  • a 'clean copy' of the edited section, with all comments removed and tracked changes accepted.

Some starting chapters are longer than 5,000 words.  In these cases, we will read the whole chapter for context, and provide the critique on that basis, but the sample line edit will be restricted, as above.

All line edits are carried out using the Microsoft Word tracked changes system, and any annotations are provided using the comments facility.  We will return your sample manuscript in the format in which it was provided. 

If you choose to use our editorial services on your entire manuscript, we will return it in the format in which you hope to submit to the publisher or agent. 

If you wish to use our sample service, please contact us.