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"Fast and thorough.  Sam's editing ability goes far beyond punctuation and spelling errors.  I can tell her, ‘this is where I want to go with this paragraph’ or ‘this is what I wanted this character to make the audience feel’ and Sam is able to help me work and rework my writing until it reaches that point.  

She also has the amazing talent of giving you useful and constructive criticism while making you feel fabulous about what you wrote.  I’m always excited to get an edit back from her.
She’s also wonderful about correcting and guiding but not re-writing the story in her own words.  I would recommend Sam to anyone needing a fast and capable editor."  Jennifer Kilby.


"Sam began editing my novels when she worked for and, without her, I would never have had the confidence to publish.  She corrected my punctuation and grammar, clearly explaining where I was going wrong, so I no longer make the same errors. Her close attention to plot details helped me sharpen for clarity as well as tighten my prose, and improve the pace and structure of my work.

What I have been most impressed, and delighted, by is Sam’s ability to recognise and work within the tone and atmosphere I strive to create in my novels.

She offers a very professional yet personal service and always returns manuscripts on time. Will recommend." Gail Rennie

"I make my living telling authors how to improve their novels, and giving them pathways to develop their work so they can achieve their writing goals. But every writer needs that trusted pair of eyes,  that voice that can praise the good and show you why the bad needs to go. When it comes to my own work, I accept no substitutes. I call Sam Kruit.​Tony Fyler, Jefferson-Franklin Editing.